Get Engaged

Get Engaged

CatRIS catalogue aims to be populated with and by Research Infrastructures (RI) service records from across Europe, that will conform to common description templates and utilize common vocabularies and categorizations. The catalogue is being developed as a user tailored portal, designed for user needs and beneficial for service providers. Stakeholder engagement has therefore a key role in the achievements and success of CatRIS project aims.

What are the objectives of stakeholder engagement in CatRIS?

  • INFORM » Inform stakeholders about the role of CatRIS in Europe to encourage them to use the catalogue
  • INVOLVE » Invite them to include their information in the catalogue
  • CONSULT » Receive feedback for shaping and improving CatRIS portal
  • EXPLOIT » Encourage users to exploit the information provided in the catalogue

Who are the stakeholders in CatRIS?

Service Providers » Any European research infrastructure (RI), core facility (CF) and shared scientific resource (SSR) service provider public or private. They are responsible for facilities and resources, therefore concerned with providing, managing and making visible best quality and competitive services to their respective community of users while ensuring the funding for the operations and necessary upgrades of their RIs

Researchers & Service users from Academia and Industry » Researchers of any scientific field from academia and industry that access and use expert services offered by the RIs in order to perform their research are in demand for highest-quality facilities that are readily accessible. Service users include businesses and the private sector that seek opportunities to develop their activities either through engaging in R&D projects with the RIs or by proposing to develop specific research services, equipment or products.

Policy Makers and Funders » National and international funders and policy-makers that want to optimize the allocation of resources in order to fulfil policy objectives (at European, national, regional and local-institutional levels). As such they require specific insights into the capacity, impact and performance of RIs so as to be able to respond to the needs of their constituents and specific budgetary constraints.

How can you make use of CatRIS portal and how can you benefit from it?

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