Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy



Protection of your personal data:

  • As part of its duties and in particular the services accessible on this website, EurOcean, as Data Controller, may collect and process personal data.
  • All processing of personal data carried out in the context of the accessible services complies with the local regulations applicable to the protection of personal data and provisions and the General Data Protection Regulations (EU Regulation 2016/679) or GDPR.
  • In order to ensure the proper application of these rules, EurOcean has appointed one of its Science Officers involved in CatRIS as Data Protection Officer.
  • EurOcean also implements appropriate internal procedures to raise awareness among its employees and ensure compliance with these rules within its organisation.

Commitments regarding the protection of personal data:

  • EurOcean is committed to ensuring a high level of protection for the personal data of the CatRIS contacts and of any other person whose personal data it processes.
  • EurOcean undertakes to comply with the regulations applicable to all personal data processing it carries out. More specifically, EurOcean undertakes in particular to respect the following principles:
  • EurOcean shall implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk inherent in its processing operations, to comply with regulatory requirements and to protect the rights and data of the persons concerned from the design of processing operations.
  • EurOcean contractually imposes the same level of personal data protection on CatRIS subcontractors (service providers, suppliers, etc.).
  • EurOcean undertakes to respect any other principle required by the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data, and more specifically concerning the rights conferred on the data subjects, the storage periods for personal data and the obligations relating to cross-border transfers of personal data.


Means of collecting your data:

Within the scope of CatRIS, you may provide us with your personal data by various means, including on our website and by completing our various collection forms and surveys, when subscribing to our e-newsletter, when creating a profile in the CatRIS portal or when you otherwise provide us with your personal data.

Processing purposes and legal bases:

Within the scope of CatRIS, your data will be mainly used for the purpose of communication and dissemination purposes and for tailoring specific aspects of the project’s products and outcomes. In addition to the cases where your consent has been obtained, the processing of your data for the purposes mentioned above is necessary:

  • to ensure that you properly received the CatRIS communication products
  • to contact you about any CatRIS-related purpose or event
  • for statistical purposes
  • to allow you to register and properly use the CatRIS portal


EurOcean undertakes to keep your personal data for a period not exceeding that necessary for the purposes for which they are processed. In addition, EurOcean keeps your personal data in accordance with the retention periods imposed by applicable laws in force.

These storage periods are defined according to the processing purposes implemented by EurOcean and take into account in particular the applicable legal provisions imposing a precise storage period for certain categories of data, any applicable limitation periods and recommendations concerning certain categories of data processing.


Recipients of your data:

The data collected on website may be communicated to the EurOcean's authorised personnel, partners or auxiliary service providers in the context of the performance of all or part of the services referred to above. We remind you that in this context, EurOcean asks its service providers to implement strict confidentiality and data protection measures.

Data transfers outside the European Union:

If this should be the case, EurOcean undertakes to guarantee the protection of your data in accordance with the strictest rules, in particular by signing, on a case-by-case basis, contractual clauses based on the European Commission's model, or any other mechanism in accordance with the GDPR, provided that your personal data are processed by a service provider outside the European Economic Area and whose country is not considered by the European Commission as ensuring an adequate level of protection.


In accordance with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data, you may, at any time, exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion of data concerning you as well as your rights to limit and oppose the processing and portability of your personal data. In addition, you have the legal right to define guidelines on the fate of your personal data after death. These rights can be exercised by email to

In this context, we kindly ask you to accompany your request with the elements necessary for your identification (name, first name, e-mail) as well as any other information necessary to confirm your identity. For certain specific services, these rights may be exercised directly online (management of your user profile, etc.).

You also have a right of appeal to (applicable body) in the event of a breach of the applicable regulations on the protection of Personal Data, in particular the GDPR. You have the opportunity to exercise your rights, withdraw your consent, or address any questions or complaints via the following email:

Where required by law, your data will only be used for electronic marketing purposes with your explicit consent.  In addition, if you no longer wish to receive CatRIS electronic newsletter by e-mail, you can click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each communication.



Ensuring the security and confidentiality of the personal data you entrust to us is a priority. We therefore implement all appropriate technical and organisational measures, having regard to the nature, scope and context of the personal data you communicate to us and the risks presented by their processing, to preserve the security of your personal data and, in particular, to prevent any accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure, intrusion or unauthorised access to such data.

The security and confidentiality of personal data are based on everyone's best practices. This is why we invite you not to share your passwords with third parties, to systematically log out of your profile and to close your browser window at the end of your work session, especially if you access the Internet from a computer shared with other people. This will prevent other users from accessing your personal information.



On several pages of the CatRIS website you can click to access other websites. We advise you to read the policy of these non-CatRIS sites regarding the processing and protection of personal data, as the conditions on these sites may differ from the conditions of CatRIS. EurOcean and the CatRIS consortium will not be responsible for the processing of personal data by these other websites.



If you have any further questions about this policy or how EurOcean handles your personal data, please contact email us to



We reserve the right to adapt the personal data protection policy and undertake to inform you on its website of any changes or additions. This policy was last updated in April 2019.